Saturday, 27 April 2013

A homage to Alper

With a very small but flexible exhibition space the Touring Caravan Gallery has been the ideal way to reach a wide range of audiences in places and spaces where visual art does not always reach. 

Over the past year we have extended it’s usage to occasional workshop space and have been itching to see how it would behave as a mobile artists studio. Also sitting on our shoulders has been whole big bundle of touring ambition epitomised in the caravans designer and creator Sam Alper who to promoted the caravans ability to travel by racing it in many challenging world wide endurance trails.

Not wanting to race, but wanting to hold onto some of the ambitious travelling spirit of Alper we planned to take our little vintage Sprite on a trip that would take us to, over or past the Alps whilst using it on route as a studio space. We wanted to keep planning as minimal as possible, allowing for spontaneous decisions on route. We planned to travel with no access to the Internet, no laptops, no mobiles, no sat nav and no electric hook up.

With this all of this in mind we set off from Yorkshire with our bedroom in our van and our studio space in our tiny Sprite on 11/04/2013

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